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    ( The great organization with great intentions. )
  2. Science & Maths Study Columns upto 12th std.
  3. MBA Regular Update
  4. Comics for Kids
  5. Crime Corner
  7. Auto Gallery & Recent Launches of Vehicles
  8. Health & Strength Tips
  9. Poets & Poetry
  10. Cooking Eatables
  11. Demands of Citizens
    ( Per Ward, Per City, Per State and from India )
  12. Indian & World History
  13. Beauty Tips for Women
  14. Space, Galaxies, & Universe Exploration
  15. Indian Cinema
    ( Bollywood & Hollywood special )
  16. Sanskar
    (Good Habits for Kids )
  17. Eklavya The Great Archer
  18. Stock & Shares Update
  19. IT & Professionals
  21. Teens Vision & Grown up Vision
    ( About Past, Present, & Future and their aspirations & ambitions )
  22. School Gallery, College Gallery
  23. Money, Finance & Business Junction
  24. Research & Education
  25. Young Aspirants & their Ambitions
    ( POLITICS )
  28. Discoveries & Inventions
  29. Young Blood views about United India.
  30. My Best Friend
  31. General Knowledge
  32. Tourists Destinations of Maharashtra, India & World
  34. Sports Playing Techniques & Latest News
  35. Engineering Vision
    ( About Past, Present & Latest Trends in Engineering )
  36. Doctors Vision
    ( Muslim, Sikhs, & Christians : Beliefs in Gods )
  38. Women Column


  1. Cooking Tasty Eatables Guide
  2. How to Make My Child Good Mannered (With Good Sanskar) and Obedient to make him a responsible citizen
  3. My aspiration for making my child ENGINEER, DOCTOR, CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT, ADVOCATE and More. How to go for it from childhood?
  4. I want to learn Stitching, Weaving, making Rangoli and more.
  5. I want to make my Child City, State, National and International Player. How to go for it?
  6. I want to be an ENTREPRENEUR to be sound businessman in future.
  7. Your Questions, Answers from Experts, Politicians, Sportsmen, Professionals, Movies Star, Industrialists and more.
  8. Stories from successful entreprenuers on Local, National, International level.
  9. How much students are commited and serious about their ambitions and aspirations of life. Students should do self analysis from time to time.
  10. Marriage special : I want a suitable life partner husband / wife. My expectations from my future husband / wife.
  11. Stories of human sentiments and behaviour and my experiments truth and honesty.
  12. Latest trends in software development, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Electronic Engineering.
  13. Analyzing barriers for studying mathematics, physics, & Chemistry and their solutions.
  14. Should we celebrate birthday or not ?
  15. Blessing must be taken of Gods before starting any good work.
  16. Heavy punishments must be given to the terrorist indulging in terrorism and doing bomb blast at public places.
  17. Certain steps to make students brilliant and increase their calibre.
  18. Student should love to accept challenges.
  19. Celebrating Hindu festivals like DIWALI, HOLI, RAKHI, DUSSEHRA, NAGPANCHAMI, GUDIPADWA and more.
  20. Muslim, Christian, & Sikh, Festivals.
  21. Certain humans are born champions but champions can also be made by strong hard work and spirit of individuals with dedications and commitment towards work.
  22. Latest trends in Software Developments World.
  23. How much I respect my grandparents.
  24. How much I respect my Husband / Wife.
  25. My Father.
  26. My Mother.
  27. My Brother.
  28. My Sister.
  29. My teachers of School & Colleges.
  30. My best teachers.
  31. My best politicians from City, States, Nation and world.
  32. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is best indian politician ever.
  33. Maharashta Ex-Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is best politician ever from maharashtra.
  34. What and Why i want to be in my life. My ambitions & aspirations to be Engineer, Doctor, Advocate, C.A, Sportsmen or else.
  35. I want to join police, Indian Army, Navy, & Airforce
  36. I want to play Cricket, I want to play Football, I want to be a Swimmer, I want to be a Sprint Runner, and play other games.
  37. I want to get selected in City Team, State Team, I want to represent India on International Level. "What should i do for it?"
  38. Youth should do hard work may be in studies or in business always as hard work rewards high dividends.
  39. For all above answers read our Magazines every month.