following are exclusive basic online facilities for all advertisers :

(A) Online Advertisements Will Display Following Basic Aspects :

    • Call (Phone Number)
    • WhatsApp
    • Map(Location)
    • Share
    • Enquiry
    • Address
    • E-Mail

will be basic aspects in OUR DIRECTORIES which will be given to All Advertisers in booked specific Code & Duration For ALL smallest to biggest advertisements.

SIZE of each ONLINE TEXT ADVERTISEMENT On INTERNET will be FOUR TIMES of that on PRINTED DIRECTORIES in booked specific Code & Duration.

(C) Also We will provide round the clock rotating TEXT & VIDEO advertises on SCREEN. Also daily EXCLUSIVE VIDEO NEWS about Common TEXT & VIDEO ADVERTISES & ALL seperate specific ADVERTISES including POLITICS, INDUSTRIES, JEWELLERY, AUTOMOBILES & SCHOOLS & COLLEGES EXCLUSIVELY & Lot more from our ANCHORS To reach out to MILLIONS & MILLIONS Of USERS across the GLOBE on LOCAL, NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL Level. Above FACILITIES will be available To ALL ADVERTISERS In booked specific Code & Duration.