Here our Advertisers can post their Video Advertisement ranging from 15 Minutes to 3 Hours to make their products and other ADVERTISES reach out to masses on LOCAL, NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL Level in Following format with facility of AMAZING ADVERTISEMENT OFFERS , RENEW OFFER and DIWALI BONUS .
MVA 15 MINUTES RS. 1,00,000/-
MVB 30 MINUTES RS. 5,00,000/-
MVC 1 HOUR RS. 10,00,000/-
MVD 2 HOURS RS. 30,00,000/-
MVE 3 HOURS RS. 50,00,000/-

NOTE : Above Advertisement Rates are Applicable for Duration of ONE MONTH ONLY
RENEW OFFER : Advertisers can renew their Video Advertisement by Paying the Renew Charges as per our price list in specific Code & Duration

Terms & Conditions :

  • Your Video Advertisement will be Checked & Verified before Posting
  • Vulgar Advertisement will not be allowed
  • No Hate speeches & No Bullying